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                      David Perrine works in cast pewter, ceramic and

                      exotic hardwoods. He is also well known in certain

                      circles as a costume designer. 

                      He is currently Directing
                      the Feature Length motion picture: Office Quest.



                       Hercules Perrine


                     Hercules Perrine creates unique wrought and welded

                     metal sculptures and furniture. He also works in

                     watercolors, oils and other mediums. He is the Executive

                     Producer of Office Quest.


                       Keri Krause


                       Keri Krause is an amazingly multi-talented artist,

                       often working with natural materials in a

                       Native American motif

                       She also writes and teaches Animal Communication,

                       as well as being involved in other spiritual paths

                       such as Reiki and Shamanism.






                       Dina Weis


                      Dina Weis does wood burning, works with ceramics,

                       textiles and other mediums. Her work shows Celtic

                       and fantasy influences.


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